• We are professional Silicone (VQM) rubber seals manufacturer and supplier,we have many silicone material,as you may know ,Physically, silicones are based on silicon, an element derived from quartz. To create this class of synthetic elastomers, pendant organic groups such as methyl, phenyl and vinyl are attached to silicon atoms. The different additions of side chains can achieve significant variations in properties. so we have diffierent silicone with different physical property. If you want to know what silicone suitable for your seals, please feel free to let us know. If you want your seals to be food grade,we can also provide the NFS and FDA certificated silicone. Detail information Item name: Silicone Rubber Seal Ring NFS FDA Hardness: 30 to 85 Shore A are available. Size: Customized/Standard and nonstandard Brand name: No Material: Silicone Temperature: Common silicones temperatures are from -60 C to 225 C. Some special types can be used in extreme temperature up to 300 C and down to -100 C. Color: Any specific color from customers Package: Polybag & carton. For large QTY, use pallet OEM: Yes MOQ: 100 pieces

    (Post by jason4sun: 02-09-2014, 03:15 pm)

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