wave top plastic bags

wave top plastic bags  

Wave top bags, plastic curve top carrier bags, plastic wave top handle bag, wave top...

Hald packaging - Hald group         [VIETNAM]



Cotton Glove 400g, 500g,600g, 700g. #Made with 100% cotton. #Designed for flexilibity.


Openweave Rattan Tray

Openweave Rattan Tray  

- Made of full rattan with tight weave and of premium quality - Available for...

artex nam an jsc         [VIETNAM]

Dried Shiitake mushrooms (sliced)

Dried Shiitake mushrooms (sliced)  

Products Shiitake (Lentinus Edodes) is often called a wild mushroom, it looks like umbrella, 4-10 cm...

vietdelta coporation         [VIETNAM]

Willow Love Scene 3d card pop up card greeting card birthday

Willow Love Scene 3d card pop up card greeting card birthday  

-FOB Price: 0.6-1.2USD -Min.Order Quantity: 300 Pieces/Pieces Customer can mix many designs in 1 order -Capacity: 45,000...

3dcard.vn         [VIETNAM]

Tapioca Pellet

Tapioca Pellet  

Tapioca Residue Pellets are used as a raw material for the animal feed industry and...

Viet Delta Corporation         [VIETNAM]




Da Service Trading Company         [VIETNAM]



1. Introduce about product: Outdoor Furniture: PVC Rattan Furniture, Rattan Wicker Outdoor Furniture, Patio Furniture, Rattan...

ATC Furniture Furnishings Corp         [VIETNAM]

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Wenzhou Puyi Light Industry Products Co.,Ltd 24-07-2015

WENZHOU PUYI LIGHT INDUSTRY PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of security seals, which is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province. Since its foundation, has been committed to the development and...

From: Wenzhou Puyi Light Industry Products Co.,Ltd           [China]


Acewits Electronics Limited 21-08-2014

  Acewits manufacture Ultrasonic Wireless Smart Scale. Acewits use ultrasonic to transmit your weight to free APP, instead of bluetooth or wifi. Amazingly, Ultrasonic smart scale is much cheaper than bluetooth smart scale and...

From: Acewits Electronics Limited           [China]


Fujian Tongyong Air Conditioner Co.,Ltd 07-12-2010

From: Fujian Tongyong Air Conditioner Co.,Ltd           [China]


Gas Hướng Dương 13-03-2017

From: Gas Hướng Dương           [Vietnam]


Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co.,Ltd 07-12-2012

From: Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co.,Ltd           [China]


ICM Environment Tech co.,ltd 24-12-2012

From: ICM Environment Tech co.,ltd           [China]


Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd 28-07-2015

MANHAND is one business unit of E-P EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD, which is specialized in supplying the materiall handling equipments and their accessories since 1993. In 2014, a new production base of...

From: Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd           [China]


Ningbo April IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD 22-04-2014

Ningbo April IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD is a factory-based company, locating in Ningbo with extensive export experience. We are specialized in sourcing and exporting party costumes, ornaments, gifts and toys for western festivals,...

From: Ningbo April IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD           [China]


sdfsdfs 28-05-2014

From: sdfsdfs           [Austria]


Shaoxing Jinchuang knitting Co.,Ltd 24-01-2014

Manufacturing Knitted Fabrics Since 2002  Founded 2002, Jinchuang Knitting specializes in exporting and manufacturing cotton and polyester knitted fabrics. For over one decade, buyers in Europe and South America have been relying on our...

From: Shaoxing Jinchuang knitting Co.,Ltd           [China]


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