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Description Dried Shiitake mushrooms (sliced):
Products Name: Dried Shiitake mushrooms (sliced)
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Place of Origin: Việt Nam
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Shiitake (Lentinus Edodes) is often called a wild mushroom, it looks like umbrella, 4-10 cm in diameter, light brown, dark brown when ripe converted. Mushrooms have a leg attached to the middle ear mushrooms. The rim of the dried shiitakes curls down toward the stem. Shiitakes have a meaty flesh and a full bodied, bosky flavor. It is found cultivated in Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea.
Shiitake mushrooms contain a lot of protein, particularly rich in minerals, vitamins, such as vitamin C, B, D, calcium, niacin, aluminum, iron, magnesium ... It has about 30 enzymes and all possible amino acid needed body (the amino acids that the body can not synthesize). Mushrooms are also some cooked organic material that they will change and create a special fragrance.
Scientists have extracted Lentinan, Lentinula Edodes Mycelium (LEM) from mushrooms. These are two key qualities make up the pharmacological effects of the mushroom. A study in Japan showed that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy if used more efficiently Lentinan then chemotherapy will increase, higher survival and cancer progression is stunted. So in Japan, Lentinan has been accepted as an auxiliary therapy in the course of chemotherapy.

Shiitake Mushrooms Nutrition Facts
The shiitake is part of the Lentinula edodes species. It’s an edible mushroom native to East Asia. Because of its health benefits, it has been considered a medicinal mushroom in traditional herbal medicine, mentioned in books written thousands of years ago.
Shiitakes have a meaty texture and woodsy flavor, making them the perfect addition to soups, salads, meat dishes and stir fries.

Name: Shiitake Mushrooms
Style: Dried
Color: Brown
Moisture: less than 13%
Stem: less than 8mm
Shape: Sliced
Small bags: 50g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 1 kg or customer’s request