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Your brand can be one of your most valuable assets and that's why it's important to build awareness of your brand name and ensure your business is always 'top of mind'.
If your business is an aspiring leader or recognised brand, can help you maximise your exposure. Brand Package is also most suitable if your company wants to create awareness of your company or band names quickly in a short period of time.
To help you achieve maximum exposure, only a number of exclusive places are available on our Homepage.
Top Banner (A)
Middle Banner (B) & Footer Banner (C)  
Banner Ad
Banner Size (Pixel)
Cost (USD)
Campaign Period
Homepage Top (A)
480x90 (Max 30Kb)
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3 months
Homepage Middle (B)
480x200 (Max 40Kb)
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3 months
Homepage Footer (C)
980x100 (Max 30Kb)
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3 months



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