The 6th Vietnam Motor Show 2010
29/10/2010 – 02/11/2010
Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Center - VEFAC
148 Giang Vo Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi Capital. Vietnam .
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1. Vietnam Automobile Manufacturer's Association
2. Asia Trade Fair & Business Promotion (Holdings)

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Held annually, Vietnam Motor Show 2010 is the most prestigious specialized exhibition on automobile in Vietnam organized by Vietnam Automobile Manufactures’ Association (VAMA) and Asia Trade Fair and Business Promotion (ATFA). Held once every year, Vietnam Motor Show is the most prestigious specialized exhibition on automobile in Vietnam organized by Vietnam Automobile Manufactures’ Association (VAMA) and Asia Trade Fair and Business Promotion (ATFA). The 6th Vietnam Motor Show lasting from 29th October to 2rd November will also be preceded by many exclusive relating events and activities during 5 days exhibition

It is a unique opportunity for businessmen, visitors all over the world making good business relationship, exchanging information and enjoying most advanced technology and latest products.

Show Seminar

The international specialized seminar, forum on Vietnam Automobile among policy makers, researchers, domestic and abroad manufacturers and reporters is one of the most interesting events at The 5th Vietnam Motor Show. Focusing on hot topics of automobile industry and automobile market in Vietnam, the seminar will draw public’s attention, especially of the experts and specialists.

Vietnam Automobile Industry
Worldwide automobile industry is growing at a rapid pace as many countries are going through the phase of economic development. Andthe same scenario is applicable for Vietnam too in South-East Asia.

Vietnam automobile industry was loosing track till 2005 but it recovered in the year 2006 and posted a good growth rate in South-East Asian countries. Changing lifestyle and rising spending in automobile-related parts in Vietnam has propelled the growth of automobile industry in the country. Apart from that, Vietnam’s entry to WTO has made the conditions favorable for foreign manufactures as the Vietnamese government has reduced the auto-component import tax in 2006. Though Vietnam was more of a motorcycle-oriented country in past years, its passenger car segment witnessed a good growth after Vietnam joined WTO. Rising income and flexible bank loan structure has incited the growth in passenger car segment.

Increased disposable income has increased the purchasing power of Vietnamese and flexible car loan is considered to be a good supporter of passenger car sales in future (2007-2010). Till 2006, spending on buses, coaches, and taxis had increased and it is showing high demand for road transportation. In this scenario, cost effective and low cost passenger cars may see a healthy future ahead.
* Key matters:    
- Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) will grow at a faster rate than Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs) in terms of sales during the forecasted period (2007-2010). However, passenger car sales will lead the fleet through 2010.
- Motorcycles in Vietnam dominate the overall mode of travel, but due to decreasing number of young people, growth rate of motorcycle sales is likely to decline during 2015 to 2020.
- Number of motorcycles in urban Vietnam will see a declination during 2015-2020, whereas rural areas will witness a growth in number of motorcycles during 2010-2020.
- Biofuel vehicles are likely to see a good opportunity with the rising concern of environment in Vietnam.

RNCOS report "Vietnam Automobile Industry Forecast (2007-2010)"

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